Karen  Hiter

Karen Hiter

Marketing Director/Client Services Associate

Karen, is a valuable member of the David Wealth Management Team and a strategic resource of the Freitas Wealth Management Group, serving as the Marketing Director and Client Service Associate. With a diverse background in sales and marketing, Karen brings a wealth of experience to her role, contributing to the success and growth of the organization.

Prior to joining the David Wealth Management Team, Karen spent over 15 years at Handpicked, where she played a pivotal role in sales and marketing. Her expertise in retail marketing extends beyond the industry, as she has also developed effective marketing strategies for various sectors, including accounting, healthcare, and non-profit organizations.

As the Marketing Director, Karen combines her creativity and strategic thinking to develop innovative marketing campaigns that effectively communicate the value and unique offerings of the David Wealth Management Group and the Freitas Wealth Management Group. Through her dedication to delivering impactful messaging, she helps enhance the organization’s brand presence and reach a broader audience.

Karen is a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina, where she gained a solid educational foundation to support her professional endeavors. Her alma mater has instilled in her a commitment to excellence and a passion for lifelong learning.

In her role as a Client Service Associate, Karen leverages her strong communication skills and attention to detail to provide exceptional service to clients. She is dedicated to ensuring that each client's needs are met and that their experience with both firms exceeds expectations.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Karen is an avid pickleball player, embracing the sport with enthusiasm and skill. Her dedication to an active lifestyle reflects her commitment to balance and wellness.

Karen also plays an active role in the community through philanthropic endeavors and supporting various charitable organizations.

Karen's expertise in marketing, commitment to client satisfaction, and passion for community involvement make her an integral part of our team. Her strategic approach and dedication to excellence contribute to the overall success of the organization in delivering compassionate and personalized service.


  • Bachelor of Science, University of South Carolina